“Grand House” Report

Tohoku HELP was established on March 18th 2011.
Its purpose was to consolidate, organize, and allot the “Information and Contribution”. The “Information and Contribution” had become a great amount, and we can never thank enough to all who have supported us. On the other hand, we felt great loss and restlessness on how to use this “contribution”. This was because the secretariat were taken care by only two pastors.

Wherein, we requested many churches and NGO’s to cooperate with us. We thought it would be best if they shared their views from the labor done at the local area, and we would utilize the Tohoku HELP secretariat as a Centre to respond to their needs. This idea was named “Grand House Project”, earnestly wishing to become like a “Huge House” for all the supporters in Tohoku area.

This project started on July 2011 with the plan to carry it on for a year, but is yet on going. This is a great miracle.

We would like to send the report for the third quarter of the second year. This is the indication of our gratitude toward all of you.
We are enclosing this report for your perusal.

(June 7th 2013 Report written by Naoya Kawakami)

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