Year 2013 Second Half Year Report “Grand House”

This means that our major project is to work together with other support organization.
We were able to support many by working together with various organizations in the second half of the last year. We have already introduced a part of it in this homepage.
We worked on making a brief summary of our support, using the new years’ vacation period.
Following are its contents.

The content of support described in the brief summary is called “General Civilian Support”
In addition,
“Charity Distribution (Church Reconstruction Aid),
“Churches’ Network Cultivation and Maintaining (Sister Church Project)”, “Foodstuff Radiation Level Measurement Station” and,
“Mental Counseling Center / Practical Science of Religion Contribution Course”.
All of these are Tohoku HELP’s major project.

Accordingly, the document published below is the report of only one out of the five project Tohoku HELP is working on.
We give our gratitude to all the readers, and would like to request for continued prayers. We are pleased to give you this report for your perusal.

(January 24th 2013. Written by Naoya Kawakami)

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